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KELTRON, the Electronic Premier, has its own ‘beyond-belief’ GOALS & VISIONS, which were set forth by the founder of the amazing organization Mr. K P P Nambiar and the other dignitaries followed.  The strength of its visions and non-compromising quality concepts, kept KELTRON stable and steady amid the industrial Tsunamis’. Along with manufacturing and marketing Centers, KELTRON started its own Research & Development Centre, Evaluating& Calibrating Centre, Training & Development Wing etc. Independent Quality Assurance & Control Wing was also there to ascertain the qualities of Products & Services delivered.

As the realm of electronics is growing fast and communcation & information technology branches also growing together, and as globalization of markets tightened the competition, ‘WORLD CLASS PROFESSIONALS OF TOMORROW’ are the needs of the HOUR.  KELTRON prophesized the huge emerging requirements decades ago and formulated strategies to mould world class professionals. KELTRON started its own Knowledge and Training Centers for conducting new generation courses and training programs. As every long journey begins with a first step, KELTRON started its KNOWLEDGE SERVICE GROUP initially with 2 Training centers. Today, it has 26 well equipped KNOWLEDGE CENTERS and other Authorized sub-centers with diversified courses and Training programs.

The strong and up-to-date curriculum committee of KELTRON strategically categorized all the courses and training program depending upon current and future requirements. There are Long term& Short Term Courses of Lower Level to Advanced Levels. We offer Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, Advanced Diploma Courses and PG Diploma Courses all of them are Professional and I T Enabled. We also offer Tailor Made Courses for the particular and peculiar requirements. We associate with leading Colleges and Universities in conducting courses at selected campuses. The certificates awarded for the courses are approved by most of the Industries and Government Agencies. We also help the job hunters by assisting and organizing Campus Recruitment Drives for Leading I T Companies and Industries.

The industry experienced Trainers are the Asset of KELTRON. The practical knowledge imparted to the young Engineers made them case sensitive and confident in tackling the CHALLENGES and FIELD REALITIES.  The level of Confidence attained by each and every trainee coming out from Keltron Centers, were appreciated at various National and International levels. With the help of continuous research and gathering of information and its subsequent developments to the highest application level, the natural transition of the KELTRON KNOWLEDGE HUBs could integrate into a NATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

We are committed to empower the young generation. We have enough expertise and profound experience. We want to share the treasures and we want each professional student to be the most intelligent, efficient and dynamic one as warranted by the situation. We can’t rest until we achieve the GOALS set forth by the visionaries like K P P Nambiar and also the technological prosperity of the society. Also, we have to achieve the overall growth fixed by the Governments time to time.  Funds raised by the Governments motivated KELTRON in creating job opportunities to thousands of youngsters particularly Keralites.



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