Diploma in Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance with e-Gadget Technologies Diploma Course
Diploma in Computer Hardware and Network Maintenance with e-Gadget Technologies
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Objective & Scope

Fee Structure

General Candidates Fee Scheme
Amount Tax Amount Total Amount
Course Fee 40000.0 7200.0 47200.0
Prospectus Fee 200.0 0.0 200.0


Electronics, Concepts of IoT & Basic Concept of IT Security

Fundamentals of Electronics

Digital Electronics

Microprocessors and Micro controllers

IoT based Electronics Hardware development

Introduction to Information security

Authentication and access control

Security policies and risk management

Digital signatures and biometrics

Web security and application security

Computer & Laptop Hardware Technologies

Basic Computer Fundamentals

Installation, Configuring & Upgrading

Assembling, Motherboard, Processor, Memory, HDD, SMPS, UPS

Laptop Repairing and Maintenance

Introduction to Mobile phone and CCTV Technologies

Preventive Maintenance

Diagnosing & Troubleshooting

Operating Systems

Operating System Fundamentals

Installation, Configuration and Upgradation

Windows, Linux, Mac & Vmware concepts

Diagnosing & Troubleshooting

Network Administration

Networking Fundamentals

Media and Topologies

Protocol and Standards

ISO/OSI reference model, IEEE and its standards

Wireless technologies and standards

Server Management & Configuration

Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, Zigbee Concepts

Network Troubleshooting

Linux Administration

Introduction to Linux

Configuring & Upgrading

Server Configuration and Administration

Linux File System, Advanced Commanding techniques

Features of Latest Linux


Seminar, Project, Viva & Final Examinations


Project & Viva

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