Certificate course in Python Training content-img Certificate Course
Certificate course in Python Training
  • Required Qualification : Plus two
  • Sectors : IT&ITeS

Objective & Scope

Fee Structure

General Candidates Fee Scheme
Amount Tax Amount Total Amount
Course Fee 7000.0 1260.0 8260.0
Prospectus Fee 200.0 0.0 200.0


Module 1

Python interpreter, Variables and built-in types, Operators and Expressions Strings, Lists, Tuples, and Dictionaries

Module 2

Writing standalone Python scripts, Statements and indenting, if, elif, and else statements, range () function, for and while loops, break, continue, clauses on loops and pass statement

Module 3

Functions, Default argument values, Keyword arguments, Arbitrary, arguments, Generator functions

Module 4

lambda expressions, Keyboard I/O and File I/O, Exceptions

Module 5

List as stack and queue, List comprehensions

Module 6

Modules, and import statement, Object oriented programming

Module 7

Django, Basic introduction to HTML, CSS

Module 8

Getting started with Django, Views and urlconf, Templates

Module 8

Models and Object Relational Mapping

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