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Certificate Course in Automation Engineering
  • Required Qualification : 3 Year Diploma, ITI, Plus two
  • Sectors : Automotive Skill

Objective & Scope

Fee Structure

General Candidates Fee Scheme
Amount Tax Amount Total Amount
Prospectus Fee 200.0 0.0 200.0
Course Fee 20000.0 3600.0 23600.0



PLC Introduction : PLC, Relay logic,Binary operations,Gates , Conversions,Features of plc,operation of plc,classification of plc,block diagram of plc,optoisolation

Architecture of PLC,PLC Input Module, PLC Output Module, PLC Output Module, · Scan Cycle or Response Time,PLC Communications, Extension Modules, Remote I/O Connections, Serial Communication

Connecting PLC with Personal Computer,Connecting PLC with Personal Computer,RS-232 Communications

Introduction to various brands of PLC Softwares, Rockwell Automations Allen Bradley PLC Software (AB PLC)

Installing and Configuring AB PLC,Softwares used:RS Linx Classic, RS Logix 500 Micro English,RS Logix Emulator 500

Introduction about Communication Software, Programming Software,Simulation Software,Compiling and Downloading of a Ladder Program

Familiarization of Logical Gates,Logic Gates Truth Table, Logic Gates Boolean Expressions

Realization of Various Gates using Ladder Programming

Introduction to Timers:ON Delay Timer & OFF Delay Timer,Applications of ON Delay Timer , Applications of OFF Delay Timer,Configuring Timers, Addressing Format of Timer.

Counters Up counters,down counters,applications


Programming Syntax:IF-THEN-ELSE Statements,Introduction to Scripts

Window Scripts,Types of Window Scripts, Application Scripts,Types of Application Scripts

Introduction to Tagnames,Defining Tagnames,Memory Types, Memory Discrete,Memory Integer, Memory RealMemory Message, Input/Output (I/O) ,Types I/O Discrete,I/O Integer, I/O Real,I/O Message

Introduction to DCS,Advantages of DCS over SCADA, Applications of DCS, Evolution of DCS

Applications of SCADA programming

Home Automation Sensors,Programming and interfacing with microcontrollers

Design of Automation system using wifi module

Design of Automation system using bluetooth module

Home Automation Projects

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