Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technologies content-img Post Graduate Diploma
Post Graduate Diploma in Software Technologies
  • Required Qualification : Degree, B.Tech
  • Sectors : IT&ITeS

Objective & Scope

Fee Structure

General Candidates Fee Scheme
Amount Tax Amount Total Amount
Prospectus Fee 200.0 0.0 200.0
Course Fee 33000.0 5940.0 38940.0


Computer Organization

Digital Components, Data Representation, CPU

Input Output Organization, Memory Organization

Assembly Language Programming

C & C++ & Linux Programming

Os & File system concepts

Linux Operating system – Features & Commands, Open Office Package, Editors, Shell Programming, System Administration, Internet service

C Programming Language – Statements, Conditions & Loops, Arrays, Strings, Functions, Structure & Union, Pointers, Files

C++ Programming – Fundamentals, Constructors & Destructors, Overloading & Overriding, Operators, Objects, Class derivation,C++ graphic functions, Pointers,Files Streams

Information Technology

GIS- Features & Applications, Data Warehousing & Data Marts

Multimedia & Multiuser Network Applications

E-commerce – Principles & Applications, E-commerce in various areas

Principles of Data & Internet Security, Authentication Application, IP & Web Security

Relational Database Management System

DBMS Concepts & Database Models

Relational Model & Relational Algebra

Integrity Constraints & Advantages of DBMS

DB System Architecture & applications

Introduction to Oracle, Application Development with Oracle, PL/SQL Programming

Visual Basic Programming Language

Windows Programming Concepts, Windows GUI, Windows API

Forms & Data Controls

OOPs in VB, IDE & Crystal Reports

Active X & Windows API

IT Tools & Application

Computer Appreciation, Multimedia

OS – DOS, Windows & Linux

Word Processing – MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint

Java & Internet Computing

Introduction to Java, Statements, Conditions & Loops, Arrays

OOP Concepts, Packages, Interfaces, Exception Handling

Inheritance & Multithreading

Java Library & Classes, Networking

GUI Programming, Applets, Container classes, JDBC, Database Application

Data Communication & Computer Networks

Fundamentals of Data Communication, Analog & Digital Communication, Modulation, Digital Transmission Principles, Communication Medias

LAN Topologies, Access Techniques, Wireless LANs & CSMA/CA, Network switching & Routing Principles

Networking devices, Internet Protocols & services, Implementation of LANs

Internet & Web Design

nternet Technology & Protocols, WWW, Browsers, Email

FTP, Telnet, User & Internet Relay Chat

Web Publishing, HTML, Multimedia & Graphics

Software Engineering Concepts & System Development

Software Development strategies, SRS

Software Quality Assurance, Software quality Management System, SEI CMMI features

Software Quality Assurance, Software quality Management System, SEI CMMI features

Visual Studio .NET & JSP

.NET Technologies – Introduction, Comparison, Advantages, Applications

.NET Framework – Security, Advantages, Class Library, Applications, Application Domains

VB.NET – Creating new Window Applications, Implementation of classes, Error Handling, Database Programming

VC.NET – Applications, Extensions, Template Handling, Form Creation, Database Programming

C#.NET – Variables, Operators, Arrays, Windows Applications & Services

ASP.NET – Forms, IIS, HTML & XML usage, Server side Programming, Validation, ADO.NET

JSP– Introduction, Scriptlet, Expression, Action JSTL, Custom Tags


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